Tetra Brik StrawCap Aseptic Student Concept



Design: Akshit Mehta
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MITID
Packaging Contents: Beverage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paperboard, polyethylene, Aluminum, Bio-Based HDPE
Printing Process: Flexography printing

Tetra Brik Aseptic is one of the fastest moving products of Tetra Pak which is generally been used for beverage packaging and comes with a straw attached to it although the Tetra Pak and straw both are recyclable but the straw and its cover don’t reach the recycling unit which ultimately results in landfilling and an increase in plastic pollution. To overcome that TetraPak is been Running an awareness campaign where they ask the customers to push back the straw so that they can get recycled, but it isn’t working that efficiently, so we propose TetraBrik Strawcap Aseptic to overcome this problem and our design restrict the user from pulling out and throwing the straw so that when the empty carton reaches the recycling unit it’s not alone…the Pak, straw, and cap can get recycle together.

It also gives the user comfort of locking back the Pak and save the drink for later. And will help in easy Identification of brands which earlier had a straw with plastic wrap attached to their packaging. The straw and cap would be made out of Bio-based HDPE so if in case it doesn’t reach the recycling unit and goes to a landfill it spends less time on earth and pollutes it for lesser time than a polypropylene straw.

It comes with an easy pull snap lock and eliminates thin plastic straw cover from it so the consumer only has to look for dustbin only and even if they are not able to find dustbin nearby they put the empty carton in the bag without worrying about spilling of drink inside their bag, this feature reduces the task of the user. and will also allow him to save the drink for later, brands don’t have to worry about their logos getting hide because of straws which will ultimately result in better brand identification. and as the straw now cant be thrown away will make the Tetra Pak fit in the circular economy more efficiently.