Viharsarok Limited Edition Craft Beer

Derrick Lin


Location: Hungary
Project Type: Produced
Client: Novel Food Kft.
Product Launch Location: Hungary
Packaging Contents: Craft beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium can
Printing Process: Digital printig, 3D UV Varnish, Golden print

This project was made for our client who sells premium quality craft beers. We created a whole rebranding for them, and this is the first special edition that we made. Its release is before Christmas, and it has two flavors.

The first is Apple Pie 🥧 the second is Gingerbread. The two packagings complement each other, you can see from the shelves that they are a pair. We choose black-white-gold colors to reflect the brand’s premium quality and to give a nice holiday feeling to it.

We made a seal for the special editions, so it is more visible that you can only have it for a limited time.

The illustrations are inspired by the smell of the cookies at Christmas time. We hid some emojis on both packagings at the back to have some surprise . 🥧 It has a nice golden color, and it is printed with 3D varnish foil, so you can also feel the gold powder on the label.

What’s Unique?
Our packaging is printed with a very unique printing technique. Our base is a light silver plastic material, which is printed with digital painting, and after we have the gold overprinted, on top of the background. On the gold ink there is a 3D UV varnish foil, which makes the gold powder part 3D. It gives the label a nice feeling to touch, and makes it more brilliant in the light.