Be wine, My friend

Barceló Estudio

Costa de la Pols, 6, local 16, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears, España

Agency: Barceló Estudio
Creative Director: Xisco Barceló
Art Director: Estel Alcaraz
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Son Sardina
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Beverage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

Be Wine My Friend is a set of labels created for a handcrafted wine as a gift to Barceló studio customers to thank them for their trust.

The naming is a creative wink through the social phenomenon “be water my friend” as it metaphorically reflects the adaptation and flexibility characteristic of the studio, as well as, communicatively reinforces the value of the connection with the client.

The shapes of this design represent the client’s name through an alphabet of basic geometries organized in a flexible grid that makes all of them look alike but unique at the same time. The same DNA for variable versatility.

The printing has been done with a Corolla adhesive laid paper by Fedrigoni. Limited edition of bottles.

The phrase “be water my friend” refers to the Taoist principle (philosophy of Lao-Tse) of Wu wei or principle of natural unforced action. Jeet Kune Do, the martial art practiced by Bruce Lee, is a very transgressive combat method, very practical and with an almost unlimited amount of resources for combat situations, so it can be adapted to any circumstance.

Bruce Lee advocates that ability to “flow” and be “flexible” and “adaptable” like water in a constantly changing world.