Derrick Lin


Agency: Brava! Design
Creative director: Gal·la Termes
Art director: Antonio Castilla
3D & Art director: Roser Falcón
Location: Spain
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Nail varnish
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Brava Nail Polish is a line of nail polishes that we created in the studio for fun. We wanted to develop our own project to promote ourselves and have fun designing.

The project consists of 6 nail polishes with ironic language, such:

  1. Red: Presidential Tan
  2. Pink: Princess fart
  3. Orange: Son of the gas man
  4. Yellow: Silver is not (Spanish pun to say “banana-is not”)
  5. Green: Lawnyer green
  6. Blue: Borbonic Blood

In the package design we play with the decontextualization of the product. Nail polishes and industrial paint are two products that live in very distant universes. Nail polish lives in a very delicate, clean and sophisticated environment; and painting lives in a more industrial and dirty one. But both have a common goal: to create beauty through color in very different contexts.

The project is inspired by the Memphis aesthetic, creating fictional scenes and adding volume to the shapes. We wanted to take the concept of painting to the extreme, creating very plastic images to emphasize the union of the two universes.

The whole project is fictional. Brava! Design has modeled, designed, textured and rendered both the product and the scenes.

What’s Unique?
The challenge was to develop a self-promotion project out of the ordinary. As a studio, we wanted to investigate different concepts, colors, materials and techniques through package design and 3D.