AGrafix Design Studio

Sofia, Bulgaria

Produced & Packaged by Froutopia for : Papadinas Thomas Marios
Brand-Packaging Design :
Location: Bulgaria
Project Type: Produced
Client: Opora Greek Fruit Purèe
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset typography

It was a challenge for us to design the bottles of the new upcoming company called “Opora” in Komotini (East Macedonia and Thrace), northeastern Greece.

In Ancient Greek “Opora=Οπώρα” it means “fruit”. In Greek mythology “Opora” is a well-known deity that the ancient Greeks considered the protector of fruit. Here is the our packaging design for the first 17 fruit codes (01-017). Include : strawberry, aronia, raspberry, blackberry, greenapple, lime, pinapple, melon, coconut, mango, peach, orange, papaya, passionfruit, mandarin, pinkgrapefruit, watermelon

What’s Unique?
We truly believe that what makes a package unique first of all is the content and the name, shape of the bottle and finally the design of a simple and beautiful label. The combination of all the above makes it special.