Derrick Lin


Agency: Brava! Design
Creative & art director: Gal·la Termes
Graphic Designer: Antonio Castilla
Graphic Designer: Roser Falcón
Photography: Martí Casanellas
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Labelist Cosmetics
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass
Printing Process: Offset, Foil stamping, Iriodin varnish

Structure, branding and packaging design for Labelist Cosmetics. We have created a new cosmetic brand following the Clean Beauty trend and for which the packaging of the entire product line has been developed, including 9 different cosmetics.

The cosmetic line is divided into 3 levels: the essentials, which are differentiated because the top is white and the bottom is colored and the container ring is white. They are the pure, essentials that any skin needs. The treatment ones, which are the most important for any skin. They have a colored top, a white bottom, a gold container ring and gold stamping on the box. And the intensives that are a blast as they do a shock treatment to the skin. Because they are an explosion, they have the whole face full of color, silver stamping and the silver ring.

Our inspiration to create the brand and packaging of this new cosmetic line, have been the latest trends in the sector (Clean Beauty); which prioritize healthier and more sustainable cosmetics, without detracting from the chemical ingredients that do work and are not harmful to the human body. The range of colors chosen has been inspired by the tones of nature, to evoke the consumer in a healthier environment.

Colors are also inspired by the partnership we all make in anticipating the actions each product takes. In other words, with color, we tried to convey the action of the product: we wanted that when the user saw the Hoot, for example, an explosion of vitamins came to his/her mind.

We have decided to make gradients by adding iriodin varnish to give movement to the packaging, so depending on where the customers see they could perceive some shades or others.

We wanted to give a special importance to the user’s experience. That’s why we mixed the soft touch varnish, which has a soft touch, with the contrast of iriodin which has small glitter particles with a rougher spot. In addition, the fact that the packaging has a pre-cut to open it and see the inside, allows the customer to interact with the product and discover “something” once purchased.

What’s Unique?
The biggest challenge was to design a new packaging for a frenetic sector, cosmetics, in which new designs come onto the market almost daily. This fact marked us from the beginning. We wanted to innovate and create an attractive design, but at the same time fulfilling the mission of the project.

Maintain the visual characteristics that we wanted to offer to this new cosmetic line, but with a tight printing budget. The project impression consists of:

  1. 3-ink offset printing on graphic cardboard. A black ink with two Pantone that blend into a gradient (different in each model).
  2. Silver stamping (essential and intensive) and gold stamping for treatment.
  3. Varnish soft touch on white areas to emphasize softness
  4. Iriodin varnish in colored areas. It shines with a pearly dot and touches of glitter that make gradients stronger and more nuanced.