Milka Chocolates – The India Expedition



Design: Smiti Murarka
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: ISDI Parsons, Mumbai
Tutor: Isha Patel
Packaging Contents: Chocolate

Milka chocolates originated in Switzerland in 1901. They’re manufactured by the US company Mondelēz International. Milka produces chocolate bars, cookies and biscuits. The brand name Milka is derived from two of its main ingredients Milk (MILch) and Cocoa (KAkao). It is made with Alpine milk and is sold in more than 15 countries.

What if Milka started producing in India?

I decided to introduce three new flavours in the Milka chocolate bar range. Indian festivals are incomplete without Indian sweets and these flavours are picked because they have special place in our hearts and are available in different forms throughout the country.

I revamped the packaging as it would be in the Indian market. I picked bright colours and interesting flavours. I also used the mandala which signifies the universe. Its purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones. I used it to show how milk is a universal commodity and how it can be transformed into more forms. It is also a pattern used in the packaging of many Indian sweet boxes.

What’s Unique?
Milka is a brand that produces chocolates using only Alpine Milk. Each of the country that produces it has something different to offer to their consumers in terms of the flavours. This project is a conceptual packaging project that is designed for the Indian market with the launch of three new flavours – chocolate boondi, coconut barfi and dates and prunes. Each of these have a significance in the Indian culture.