Design: lovemedo branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, cardboard

Specialty coffee is a complex product, an unexplored universe. Many coffee lovers have no clue on how to approach the “alternative” coffee: how to choose it, how to make it, what the difference between the Columbian and the Ethiopian coffee is. Altitude, climate, processing, taste descriptors, sweetness, acidity, density… the barista in coffee houses often cannot keep up the conversation and make exactly what you want.

Roasting Brew are the specialty coffee roasting professionals. The brand’s team consists of professional baristas, skilled coffee chefs, Q-graders, taste judges at the roasting championships, and the Brewers Cup. They never stop searching, experimenting, discovering new tastes and sharing them.

Roasting Brew’s mission is to make specialty coffee affordable and comprehended for those who wish to experience it. To make this product easy for them to work with at a coffee shop, brew it at home or outdoors.

Good enough is the enemy of the best. To learn to distinguish the best coffee from simply good, you need to dig deep into the coffee theme, learn and try a lot. True coffee lovers can be compared with divers or astronauts, with those who choose completely non-mainstream hobbies or products. It is a pack of coffee that is the specialty universe. We plunge into the unknown to find new tastes, knowledge, impressions, emotions. The lantern beam throws light on what was hidden from us not so long ago. We are becoming the carriers of the new knowledge and are ready to share it.

Coffee packaging is becoming an instruction and a guide to the specialty coffee universe. Black for espresso and white for filter coffee. The infographics on the stickers and the bottom of the packs will tell you everything you need for the proper coffee making and help track the origin of the beans and their journey to the pack you purchased.