Taco Bell Kitchen Appliances

Derrick Lin


Design: Amelia Borinshteyn
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy Of Art University
Tutor: Thomas McNulty
Packaging Contents: Kitchen Appliances
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Digital 3d Mockup

This project was to choose a current brand and design packaging for them in a market they currently don’t exist in. I chose to do Taco Bell in the kitchen appliance market as they are a fun, welcoming, and energizing brand. I wanted to explore the world of pattern and color in the kitchen market and play with a brand that has a lot of fun with their marketing and design.

I chose bright and colorful product shots and paired them with a custom hand written text that I did myself. I wanted the text to simulate a bubbly and approachable appearance that felt youthful and enjoyable.

I was greatly inspired by Taco Bells current social media presence in their pop-art style graphics and diverse colors.

What’s Unique?
The text on all the packaging was drawn originally for this project. I wanted to make type that fit into the shape of the product that also imitated street art lettering.