The Arctic Raw Berries

Derrick Lin


Design: Outi Oravainen
Location: Finland
Project Type: Produced
Client: Arctic Raw
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Berries
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouch
Printing Process: Offset

With Arctic Raw Super food Berries packaging design and brand communication, we wanted to celebrate authentic northern flavors and raw ingredients from the pure Finnish nature. The brand draws deeply from local elements, such as wild berries grown freely in the beautiful and lush forests of Finland. Building a comprehensive and streamlined Arctic Raw brand in close cooperation with the client has been highly rewarding. The main focal points during the creative design and implementation process were packaging also for export markets and these Scandinavian packaging designs work world-wide.

What does the Arctic Raw Super food Berries packaging communicate: The dried berry package designs present vibrant messages of the pure and rich natural resource of Finland. The products are also aimed at markets where Finnish berries may be still unknown. Clear visuals and core messages selected specifically for each package guarantee that the products will be well understood.

Branding and packaging Finnish berry products for export markets: Packaging design plays an especially central role in the branding of food products aimed at export markets. Exceedingly few Finnish brands and incredient have managed to make their market presence abroad so strong that they no longer need to focus on product branding and marketing. Packaging is the primary channel for conveying relevant content to the consumers.