The Right Guys: Speakeasy of Finance World

Derrick Lin


Agency: ByAllMeans
Creative Director / Lead Designer: Anna Sun (Belousova)
Designer: Rebeka Markovičová
Designer: Macarena iara Fernandez
Copywriter (Czech language): Pavel Brazda
3d Designer: Evgeny Andrianov
Front-end Developer: Art Segalas
Location: Czech Republic
Project Type: Produced
Client: The Right Guys
Product Launch Location: Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Office Supplies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

When we started working on this project, we came in to a room and saw five guys full of enthusiasm and passion for their work, but certain inability to verbally and visually express it. They had a big belief that everyone can achieve financial independence, which ultimately opens doors to simple human happiness. We fell in love with their spirit, knowledge and philosophy and embarked on a journey of making their service appear as great as it deserves to be.

Together with former IDF Group (Investment, Debt & Finance Group), we reinvented them and built a completely new brand, based on their values and unique type of service. We renamed them to The Right Guys to emphasise their main strength – connections, and make them appear approachable and easy going. They have the right guy for any situation within their network – their finance guy, their IT guy, their food truck guy… They are like your good resourceful friend who seems to always have the right connections. The Right Guys: Your people in the world of finance.

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From strategical standpoint, IDF Group, a consulting agency, has been rebranded to a club of financial independence. Taking inspiration from Harvard Business School clubs and speakeasy concept bars, we eliminated the aspect of scarcity and discomfort of talking about money and taking a financial advice in a cold blue lit office, because let’s face it, going to a bank or admitting to someone that you don’t know how to operate your own money is not the most pleasant thing to go through. So we created a unique community driven place, where people come to hang out, feel good, gain connections and feel powerful to achieve their goals by learning from the insiders of the industry in a casual atmosphere, accompanied by whiskey and comfortable armchairs. Prestige and cool club to be a part of.

The “chain of connections” became a key element in the logo, created by a vertical ligature of two lowercase G letters, which also formed the brand pattern used on brand collateral, club jackets and what every gentleman has to have – a handkerchief.

The right green jacket became a signature look and a recognisable point for The Right Guys, which broke the social rule of financial specialists wearing a blue suit at all times. A simple change of color can make a person stand out among competitors just the right amount, while staying acceptable and stylish.

The brand symbol contains of a shield with a monogram and a growth graph, which communicates trust, knowledge and pride. In combination with The Right Guys name it creates an interesting contrast of something that appears majestic, but sounds approachable and not uptight.

Hand drawn scribbles became an important part of the brand. We noticed that the way how financial specialists transfer their valuable knowledge is by scribbling schemes on napkins and in their notebooks. Schemes that make their clients completely rethink their finances and change their lives forever. So we decided to embrace this unique aspect and make the scribbles a hero, make them a recognisable part of the brand, that also brings in a more playful and human feel to the brand.

Scribble is also used in copywriting to communicate serious and rather boring financial things in a more simple way and throw in a joke or two. Because we are all just human, let’s keep things simple and understandable.