Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Line of goods for children

The Office Impex company launched the brand Unlandia, which combines a product line for children from 3 to 10 years. Our agency had to create the brand platform and positioning.

A task
Junlandia is the new brand of the Office Impex company. Assortment matrix of the brand is quite wide and includes a lot of products for children – from scooters and developing games to clothes and shoes. Main distribution channels: own trading networks and online stores.

We were commissioned to develop a design and brand platform using the example of three SKUs: sets of pencils and plasticine and packaging for scooter. We should please both parents and children, since both categories take part in the purchase – even though the child has the right to choose, the final decision is made by the parent.

If children are attracted to everything bright and funny, their parents want something more serious and useful. It was necessary to find a balance and come up with something that would combine the needs of both groups.

Unlandia is positioned as a country of eternal youth, an eternal happy childhood. It needed a bright brand character, a hero of this country, who would become the conductor of children in the world of research and new discoveries.

Working on the creation of the character, we took as a basis the method of archetypes. The essence of this method is simple: we choose brands that our archetypes respond to. The core of our target audience we described as “caring and self-sufficient.” These parents are conscious, enlightened, ready to pamper children, but at the same time distinguish freedom from permissiveness. They are busy people, but when they manage to spend time with children – they want to spend it pleasantly and profitably.

Based on our characteristics, we chose the two most suitable archetypes for us.

The first was a “sage expert” who uses intelligence and logic to rationally comprehend the world. The image was good, but not exactly hit the target.

The second character is a travel explorer, for whom life is an adventure full of discoveries. And he regards any experience as positive. Because the main thing is an attempt to learn something new. If it did not work, it does not matter – you can try again.

Of course, he perfectly suited our requests. We called him Unic. He is kind and inquisitive, a resident of Yunlandia. All of his body is imprisoned for being easier to explore the world, it is plastic and easily transformed and he can easily move between planets (we invented our own galaxy with different planets: creativity, sport).

The brand-hero perfectly fit into the logo: Unlandia is inseparable from Unic.

According to our idea, each category of products contains its own thematic content: sports goods – inspiring information about records and athletes, as well as training tips from these athletes; goods for training – interesting scientific facts; sets for creativity – “the encyclopedia of a young artist”. This is another feature that allows not only selling goods for children, but also building a dialogue with the target audience through content aimed at the development of the child.

The key colors of the brand “Unlandia” are yellow and purple. Yellow color (compensating purple) – warm, light, bright, flowing, joyful. It evokes pleasant sensations and symbolizes movement, joy and fun. Purple color (compensating yellow) – rich, cold, calm, mysterious. It symbolizes wisdom, maturity, higher intelligence. This is the color of inspiration that is characteristic of creative individuals.

Together with “Yunlandia” the child learns, develops, experiments, creates, tries, becomes stronger and grows. The brand becomes a mentor for the child, a guide to adulthood, and for parents “Unlandia” is an assistant in the development of their children.