Derrick Lin


Design: Gurvinder Kaur
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy Of Art University
Tutor: Thomas Mcnulty
Packaging Contents: Kitchen Appliances
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard, Box
Printing Process: Digital

The objective of this project was to design a new collection of home appliances for a brand that currently does not have these appliances. We were to choose a brand that does something totally different and create a new look for it. Upon doing research for this project, I happened to look at the beautiful appliances from Smeg + Dolce Gabbana home appliances collection. They were a huge inspiration in this project.

I thought it would be great move for Versace to make their own home & kitchen appliances as well since they are such a popular luxury lifestyle brand. Versace is known for using their heavy patterns and chains in their designs. I wanted to incorporate the patterns but not to make them too heavy in the design, so as to put the appliances first in read. I wanted the appliances look luxurious without making them too complex, the reason I made them gold plated. Their very recognizable medusa logo was kept as is to keep in consistency with all of their current packaging.

The design process included exploring different styles of patterns, marbles patterns and also trying out some floral and botanical illustrations for the design. Different styles of appliances were also explored for Versace.

What’s Unique?
The thing that is unique about this packaging is the gold plated appliances. They were chosen to be gold plated keeping in mind the brand image of Versace .