365 – un anno epico



Design: Onlab.io
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Efficacemente
Product Launch Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Annual agenda
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Fedrigoni Paper
Printing Process: Foil stamping, spot uv printing

365 is an annual, limited number course from Efficacemente to help users achieve their goals. We designed the graphic restyling of the course, in line with the Efficacemente rebranding.

We then focused on the physical product of the course: the limited edition Kit, a package containing 4 different types of diaries, a poster, a postcard and instructions for use.

The Kit experience starts with the opening of a box. An elegant box whose contents can change your life.

The box has been covered with Fedrigoni paper, Savile Row Plain Aubergine and Sirio Color Arancio, two textured papers, dyed in the pulp, which give a lot of preciousness to the whole project.

We have inserted a gift to unwrap inside the package. The booklet containing the explanation of the method and the activities to be carried out was wrapped in a poster to be used later as a basic tool for the method.

Each fold brings you closer to your gift. Finally, the 4 diaries, one for each quarter of the year.

The first one was made with Constellation Snow Vicenza, a white paper with a rough and textured texture. For the second diary, we used Tintoretto Ceylon Anice, a soft, pulp-dyed paper. The third diary was made with Sirio Color Arancio, an energetic and lively paper. The last one was made with Materica Kraft, for the hardest and most concrete quarter of the year.

What’s Unique?
It is a unique method, specifically designed for this publishing tool. Each year is divided into 4 quarters, each quarter a diary. Each quarter you identify the goal to be achieved (mantra) and each day you have to write down the challenges you have completed to reach the goal. The poster is the daily tool which helps you to keep track of which challenges you have overcome and which you have not.