Design: Ekaterina Merkusheva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Higher School of Economics
Tutor: Elisabeth Kopay-Gora
Packaging Contents: Bath bomb
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard box

Bath bombs “Dissolve” are created for those who value quality and naturalness. These three bath bombs give different effects: it relax, calm, invigorate and improve your health and body at the same time.

I have created a two-layer packaging with elements of natural ingredients: flowers and mythical creatures such as dragons and Capricon. The line consists of three types of bombs with different compositions based on natural essential oils of lavender, fir and verbena.

The packaging includes a durable coloured cardboard box with white thin cardboard box inside it. Such two-layer packaging provides safe storage and transportation. The product and indgredients are non-allergic and suitable for children.

What’s Unique?
Our brand of bath bombs “dissolve” can help people not only relax, but also improve the health with the help of essential oils and natural ingredients.