Chinese Tea Gallery



Agency: K9 Design
Art Director / Designer: Wei Cheng Lin
Photographer: Férguson Chang
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Chinese Tea Gallery
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle, Paper
Printing Process: Hot stamping, Pantone printing

A tea supply company located in Hong Kong with a history of more than 50 years. Hua Tea House was established in 2014. It is derived from the creation of the elders-“Hua Tea Grand View”, with the purpose of spreading Chinese tea culture to all over the world. With the changes of the times and the convenience of global circulation, Hua Tea House not only promotes Chinese tea culture to all parts of the world, but also introduces tea culture from all over the world to the Chinese market, so that tea culture can learn and share with each other.

Harmony of East and West, inclusive of all rivers

“Hua” is a representative word for the Asian region, and we redefine the concept of “Hua”. “Hua” is not only a synonym for the Asian region, but also represents a cultural group that coexists with diversity. Undertake the brand concept and gather tea cultures from all over the world. The packaging design will allow those who like Eastern and Western teas to freely choose and place them in the gift box.