Design: Onejae Lee
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Student Project
School: Hoseo University
Tutor: Wooksun Jang
Packaging Contents: Natural processed food(salad, juice, hamburger)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

Hannanum means sharing one thing. Put the movement of fresh vegetables and fruits on a plate called laughter to deliver the mission of branding that seeks lightness and pleasure. Hannanum is a naturalistic food brand that delivers food through fresh vegetables and fruits. The mission is to pursue a light lifestyle where you can enjoy your health comfortably. Processed foods that can be thought of as fast food deliver healthy and fresh pleasure through natural processing.

Eating healthy food is not a heavy goal or resolution. The ultimate goal of a naturalist company is to provide healthy food that has melted into the lives of farmers fresh through modern healthy processing methods. This is the brand’s philosophy that we can achieve a healthy life in terms of lightness and comfortable food.

Hannanum is a natural food brand. Not only raw materials but also processed foods are used as ingredients made through process rather than clean and harmonious fermentation. The brand’s value is expressed through the logo, with the dynamics of various vegetables and fruits on the plate to convey joy. It includes a brand’s mission called health food, such as vegetables, fruits, and health foods.

The graphic pattern includes a fresh supply of vegetables and fruits, and provides a symbol of healthy food and happiness. NANUM means to share. It contains the trust of sharing as long as you pursue a healthy life on a plate.