Justino’s Madeira Wines – 600 Years of the Discovery of Madeira Island


Design: Omdesign
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Justino’s Madeira Wines
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Madeira Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, wood, cardboard
Printing Process: Screen printing, varnish, stamping, relief

Justino’s Madeira Wines, one of the oldest Madeira wine producers, has launched, due to the 600 years of the Discovery of the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, this special edition to sign this unique moment.

Created and produced by Omdesign, this case, that celebrates the historical milestone with an exclusive Malvasia 20YO, a world-famous wine for the unique characteristics of the grape variety that gives it its name and which is appreciated in the four corners of the world, is made of wood and cardboard and has noble finishes, as varnish, stamping and relief, which give this piece a highly distinctive and attractive image.

Black and gold, the two colors that are part of the brand’s DNA, that resemble the colonial style and enhance the quality and excellence of this wine, give life to this packaging. Inside, there is a booklet sewn with golden thread that presents the history of the company, founded in 1870, the essence and genuineness of the Justino’s Madeira brand, as well as the origin of this numbered and limited edition of 600 bottles.

The package and the booklet are adorned with illustrations of different elements that support navigation, nautical charts and an old map of the island of Madeira, in braille varnish, which highlights the typical geography of this insula located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and reinforces the premiumness of this packaging.

What’s Unique?
The materials, finishes and colors selected for this commemorative edition grant it with an elegant and appellative touch and feel, highlighting the finest quality and the top positioning that the brand aimed for the packaging.