Kômô probiotic packaging made with AI Design

Studio Blackthorns

Lyon, France

Agency: Studio Blackthorns
Creative Director: Ludovic Mornand
Code Art Designer: Kjetil Golid
Location: France
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Probiotic beverage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium can
Printing Process: Digital printing

Back in 2018, we saw the painting Portrait of Edmond de Belamy sold for $432,000 but this was no usual artist. The painting was created using artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, we can ask ourselves if CGI, code art, generated patterns and, generally speaking, AI Design can really be a part of today’s creation and the future of packaging design.

Studio Blackthorns started to experiment this method using generative algorithms with a conceptual project for a probiotic soda brand called Kômô.

Kômô drinks is available in 5 different flavors: Raspberry, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Mango and lemon. Using “Crosshatch-Automata” sketch from Kjetil Golid’s code art website generated.space, Studio Blackthorns created a bunch of artificial patterns. Indeed, the agency wanted to see how far code art could actually design.

Crosshatch-Automata is an isometric cellular automaton. Four rules makes up a pattern, each rule determining the behavior of one line direction (horizontal, vertical, descending- and ascending diagonally). The result of this AI Design experiment was quite mind blowing and really helpful to create these avant-garde designs.

As for the photography, Studio Blackthorns wanted to give a surgical science-fiction aesthetic: immaculate tiling, army of cans, clone-like feeling, surreal levitating drinks with dark shadows behind, etc. But beyond the look of the cans is a reflection about AI. AI and machine learning are now deeply entwined with our day-to-day lives. While some enjoy playing with code art and CGI, you do have to wonder if it’s actually art? What about removing the human element ? Are we now moving away from a humanistic form of branding? Pretty scary thinking. Now that platforms are designing for hyper-focused demographics and aesthetic buckets on social media platforms with complex algorithms, what if we can generate an complete visual identity with machine learning?

These cans have been designed by french creative agency Studio Blackthorns. This project is a part of its 366 Cans Challenge for the year 2020.