Marumado – The collection of kintsugi pottery

Derrick Lin


Design: Mariia Pavlova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
Tutor: Mikael Askerov
Packaging Contents: Ceramics, pottery
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Washi Paper, Frosted extrusion organic glass, Cardboard

The collection of kintsugi pottery «Marumado» (丸窓, japanese traditional round window) is presented by School of kintsugi art «Kanpeki» in Russia. In this project you can see the kintsugi ceramic objects created by kintsugi masters. Objects can be sold afterwards in the presented packaging.

School of kintsugi art «Kanpeki» is the first creative educational future space in Russia based on the philosophy of kintsugi. On the territory of the school you can visit master classes on the restoration of ceramics, historical lectures and seminars on the application of philosophy to life, meet kintsugi masters and much more. In other words, there is a complete immersion in a specific branch of Japanese art.

The mission is to familiarize people with the philosophy of kintsugi, so that, in addition to knowing about an unusual method of restoration, to help them cope with their problems, to learn the principles of philosophy and simple rituals that play the role of «healthy nutrition» for the mind, soul and body.