Na zi mu — Siberian frozen berries

Derrick Lin


Design: Ekaterina Vakhrusheva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
Tutor: Ivan Kulikov
Packaging Contents: Frozen berries, berry ice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Zipper bags, plastic

Na zi mu (that means “winter reserves”) is the Siberian brand that produces frozen berries. There is a tradition among Russians to make preparations for winter — they cook jam from berries or just freeze them to use in winter. Na zi mu brand displays this custom but adjusts to more conscious lifestyle of nowadays.

Packaging design is based on ideas of authenticity and consciousness as being key values of this brand. There is an existing problem of inconvenient storing of usual frozen food plastic bags — usually it causes the mess in the fridge. Moreover, it accompanies with loads of unnecessary plastic rubbish. Reusable ice cube tray’s form and zipper type of packaging solve this issue.

These new forms of packaging are functional and sustainable. Packaging is also transparent that allows customers to evaluate products. They see all the imperfections but also value the beauty of Siberian natural frozen berries.