PEROLA Food Industries

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Derrick Lin


Design: Abd. Ekrema
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Produced
Client: PEROLA
Product Launch Location: Turkey
Packaging Contents: Food Industries
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouches, Cylinder Packages, Glass Bottles
Printing Process: Flexography, Rotograph, Offset, Spot Lamination, Foil Stamping

“PEROLA” is a brand name that I’ve created and patented in Turkey. In addition to the visual identity including packaging, catalogs, and the website.

The brand is for the food industries, they are working in the packaging for 5 essential types of Food origins: (Coffee, Olive Oils, Legume, Dried Fruits, and Nuts).

As they were working with these 5 types, we got finally about more than 35 items with different packaging methods regarding the sizes, materials, and coloring.

Some significant printing techniques were used as spot lamination, foil stamping, and spot colors. and also the card boxes as well! Very famous printing factories in Turkey were in charge of printing, Rotograph, and offset printing as well.

It was a wonderful project I enjoyed a lot, because of the flexibility of the client who trusted the theme I designed for this series of products to be familiar as one identity on the shelves.

The production process has started a few weeks ago, and they are exporting to England and North Africa.

What’s Unique?
One unified styling has been applied for whole the items of this brand, they are well-distinguished on the shelves!