Design: Studio Zwart
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Concept
Font: Good Type Foundry Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Task: Create a coffee brand that will speak directly to a young and vibrant generation. Make sure that they feel at ease with the brand and will keep on coming for a coffee, or buying it in the supermarket. It’s crucial that this brand will have loyal customers, as the coffee market is a saturated one, with many different (small) places to grab some good coffee.

Solution: A modern brand, featuring a bright accent color combined with some very trustworthy, environmental friendly greens. Read below for the breakdown of all deliverables.

Create a packaging design that will look good on shelves inside the coffee shop and stand out on potential supermarket shelves. It is important that this packaging feels trustworthy, and shows that the brand cares about their values. Aroma stands for fair trade & sustainable coffee, giving support to local farmers, and co-operating with them for their extensive knowledge of their coffee beans.

Within this packaging range, there will be no differentiation between flavors, besides the name changing on the front and the sticky label on the back of the packaging. But there is a different design for the limited edition coffees, these do not feature the label with origins etc, they just have the title of limited edition and will solely be available inside Aroma’s own coffee bar.

Besides the packaging, there was a large focus on the tone of voice. That’s why you’ll find witty sentences on things like posters, business cards, inside the store on the walls, but also on small labels hanging on your shopping bag. The business cards come with the coffee, so people can show the cards to their friends and refer them.

This shopping bag has to stand out in a busy city full of shoppers, people have to recognize the bags, and if they like what they see, and it captures their attention and curiosity, it’s important that they’ll be able to read the name.

All these deliverables have to radiate a common feeling of trust, happy vibes and good coffee. That’s why people will keep on coming back to Aroma!