Design: Marija Misheva
Location: Macedonia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Brainster
Tutor: Dijana Dimitrievska
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum
Printing Process: Digital printing

This project is inspired by people’s struggles with certain emotions and feelings that come as a result of the environmental and social barriers they face nowadays. Lack of mental freedom? Is there any hope? Need change? Wanna inspiration? Perfect contentment? -Are just small part of the big picture.

On the other hand, beer is the most popular drink commonly used to salute positive and also negative everyday life situations.

So a simple message on a can of beer, can make your moments beautiful.

The brand is named “BEER Mé” (substitute for the term “give me” ) because of it’s simple connection with its purpose. “BEER Mé hope”, “BEER Mé mental freedom” etc. For the packaging design I used only lines and circles to create a minimalistic story for each can of beer that stands for a certain emotion or feeling.

I only used yellow color, because the global similarities of yellow are significant.

What’s Unique?
THE STORY behind each minimalistic illustration on the beer can, that stands for a certain emotion or feeling, it makes the package design unique. The relation that the “BEER Mé” package design can have with people in a particular moment, it’s beautiful.

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