Derrick Lin


Designer: Simón Londoño Sierra
CGI: Juan Chavez
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cervejas Premium Do Brasil LTDA
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Spirit beverage – Vodka

Cervejas Premium Do Brasil LTDA, a Brazilian company with reknowned brands such as Xingu Beer and Palma Louca, set out as a project to launch a worldwide-class Vodka in the best French style, bottled and distilled in this country but also inspired by its 20th Century’s culture: The Parisian Belle Epoque.

Charlus is the name of an infamous baron, main character in some of the great Marcel Proust’s novels and an excellent representation of the sensitive and deep bohemian humans minds of the time. It gives the name to the product and also the identity. So, how to represent all of this in a spirit bottle an its visual identity?

A logo of letters inspired by art nouveau and tuscans, decorated, organic and humanistic finishes, strong and very industrial. Evocative and with the personality of the French belle epoque, matching with a symbol, that will only be recognized by the fervent readers of Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”, such as the orchid, representation of love, freedom, art and passion.

What’s Unique?
A simple, black, matte, powerful and very elegant bottle, outside a little if the paradigms of vodka as a pure and translucid liquid to a more elegant, dark and complex face, such as Charlus was himself compared to the other barons of the time.

Custom lettered and illustrated for the means of the project, bringing belle epoque to the contemporary culture.