Design: Eslam Ramzi
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: Claw Socks
Product Launch Location: Saudi Arabia
Packaging Contents: Socks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper boxes
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Al-Sultan Factory is a big factory in Saudi Arabia, based in the capital, Riyadh.

They design and produce modern clothes for all ages, they have a very good repetition in Saudi Arabia market.

They intended to make a socks production line that differentiates from other competitors and their other product lines of clothes by its cool and funky styles and targeted for young people and they decided to make the brand’s logo, package, posters.

They have a big share in the Saudi Arabia socks market, and their medium-term goal was the GCC market and their long-term goal take a big step in the Middle East market.

The problem:
To come up with a brand that can stand out in the market for a long time, easy to recognize among competitors, and be funky and cool to meet the brand vision.

The solution:
I have made many sketches and finally, the icon was created by combining falcon illustration with two socks opposite to each other forming the falcon’s wings. I chose the typeface to be a youthful freehand style to represent the vision of the brand.

The packages:
Saudi people live their life in a tough and hot environment, their eyes got used to brown and yellow color palettes, I decided to differentiate in the market by using a colorful cold blue and green color palette by using abstract colorful illustrations.