Le Baulois & Le Nantais

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Communication & Design Director: Bargine Emilie
Designer: Samy Halim
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Marylou, Pâtisserie de la plage
Product Launch Location: France
Packaging Contents: Cakes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sustainable cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

We created the brand Marylou, Pâtisserie de la plage. The umbrella brand for our 2 cakes, Le Baulois®, voted best chocolate of France and Le Nantais®, génoise with almond and rhum. Marylou, Pâtisserie de la plage, is the mother brand of our 2 sub-brands, Le Baulois® & Le Nantais®, also created by us.

When designing the two boxes, we had in mind to break the codes of bakery. The strong bet was to unfollow the trend and not be represent yumminess, neither cake representation on the pack. Just pure design features.

The boxes needed to be objects of desire, for consumers to really feel attracted, surprised, appealed. Bauhaus style came to birth naturally, super well fitting with our desire to get across time without fearing to be outdated.

The idea was simple as betting on a design style that has proved its efficiency and impact, while injecting our own attributes, assets and color palette.

The core creative idea, is to take the first letters of our cake brands: Baulois Nantais, to figure out a subliminal background with them.

The colors were defined to enhance modernity, impact, rupture and codes breaking on shelf, either in groceries, as well as in our prestige point of sales such as Le Bon Marché and Les Galeries Lafayette Paris.

The fonts for Baulois® and Nantais® were designed by Samy Halim himself, a super highly skilled French typographer.

Marylou, Pâtisserie de la plage, identity has been redesigned in January 2021 and not implemented on packs yet ! You have the scoop in your hands to reveal it even before us :)))

Its unique font was inspired by surf ! the speed and the sensations felt when surfing (our second passion, after bakery) is showcased in this new identity, entailing also modernity and craftsmanship. In fact, we also wanted to portray our knowledge in 100% natural bakery as well as our passion for 100% hand-made bakery.

Our pack designs have already proved their power and unicity. For example, Les Galeries Lafayette Paris decided one day to build “a wall” with our boxes in a number one position of the store :The entry !

What’s Unique?
These boxes really break the codes of bakery. Without showing the cakes, neither the RTB’s, our boxes only bet on the power of design attraction. Being different for the love and the belief in design’s power, this is our moto !