Mr. Sauce 500ml Marinades

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Derrick Lin


Company: Efoods Zimbabwe
Packaging Design: Justin Evans
Copywriting: Justin Evans
Location: Zimbabwe
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Zimbabwe
Packaging Contents: Condiment
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

Efoods Zimbabwe is a Harare-based manufacturer of 100% Zimbabwean sourced, 100% Zimbabwean made FMCG food products under the Mr. Sauce and Mr. Sachet brands.

Their latest offering of conveniently sized 500ml marinades complements their bulk presentation offerings (1L & 5L) and have been designed for the consumer on-the-go. Specifically, the consumer who can’t go without his/her favourite braai-time (BBQ) flavour at any social gatherings!

Made from scratch, each flavour offering in the range is designed to soak all the way through the meat to its core. Baking, grilling, or roasting, these marinades marry beautifully with most meats… and veggies!

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Tasty food should be easy and affordable, and with an engaging on-shelf presence, these marinades are designed to encourage new customers through a more affordable 500ml trade presentation offering which will drive growth and encourage repeat purchases in the condiment category.

The intention with the packaging is to proudly showcase an affordable local offering and have a Zimbabwean brand stand tall amongst its international competition. It’s another piece of communication designed to capture the heart of Efoods Zimbabwe’s mission, which is “to be a brand Zimbabweans can be proud of!”

What’s Unique?
A customised, unique mould and appealing shrink wrap, the marinade packaging is designed to make an impact on shelf. The range encourages consumers to dream up many uses with subtle suggestions sprinkled around the product name.