Nioi-incense stick

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Design: Ayushi Amit
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute of Design
Tutor: Mr. Sambit Pradhan & Mr. Abhrojit Boral
Packaging Contents: Incense
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, corrugated material

NIOI is a young brand which sells incense sticks that is planned to be sold in retail shops, supermarkets and also has its own website . NIOI is a Japanese word which stands for scent, smell or odor. The brand has just entered the market. Our client wants to reflect the brand with minimal, modern and sustainable approach and to give a colorful yet calming image. We have integrated the brand spirit with its soft and colorful color palette. As a result, we have created a minimal but also mesmeric, young and modern brand identity and packaging system.

My mom regularly worships using an incense stick. It’s an important aspect of an Indian household. I noticed, my mother bought numerous packets of incense stick to avoid going out and buying them repeatedly. When a full packet of incense stick is consumed, it goes straight into the dustbin, never getting reused. So I thought this is a good option of packaging as it could help in reuse the boxes.

What’s Unique?
It aims to be a brand which is innovative yet simple and can trap into the traditional thinking of the buyers. It is also have an added benefit of being reusable and sustainable in today’s world when resources are rapidly decreasing. Adequate strategy to advertise the brand so that it reaches the masses and expansion of business take place. The factory setup for the production of incense sticks and boxes can provide employment in the ruler areas.