RAPID Montсarotte Medical

Derrick Lin


Agency: XAAS
Art director: Konstantin Xaas
Designer: Konstantin Xaas
Designer: Eleonora Nazi
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Health & Beauty
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Metal, Pulp Carton, Pulp Paper

Xaas Branding and Design Laboratory creates new brand and packaging for dental brand RAPID Montсarotte Medical. The laboratory has branches in Moscow, London and Rome, bringing together specialists in branding, design and marketing from all over the world. xaas has a unique structure where the founders are art directors and project creators and serve as the main contact for each client. 23 partners are practicing designers, and whether they work together or independently on a project, they do so flawlessly.

In 2010, the Montcarotte British marketing bureau presented the world’s first innovative dental cosmetics. The production is based in Europe, where formulas, clinical trials and tests are conducted as well. Most effective yet safe compounds are developed by experts of the pharmaceutical laboratory under the guidance of the doctor of medicine Ettore Tallia – guru in the field of organic chemistry, the head technitian of famous American firm of Elizabeth Arden. Montcarotte created a new niche in dental care- SMART LUXE, interaction of technology and modern design.

Task сreate a logo and packaging for a new line of Rapid from the British company Montcarotte Medical. Since the set is professional, it is necessary to create a sense of reliability and technological efficiency with the help of the company style. The style and principles of Swiss layout are appropriate.

The postsurgical ruler itself has set the tone for future design, the main element of the design is a simulation of a surgical incision. Red is the new white. The red cut line runs through all products and is the main element of the identity. Complete minimalism to show sterility, purity, and innovativeness of the product. Design without bright colors and extra accents will well remove the product from its competitors. The minimalist nature of the product was very much appreciated by many designers and xaas laboratory got the design of the month in Russia in the community of designers.