Ratafia champenois – Allouchery Bailly

Derrick Lin


Agency: Studio BBT
Brand Manager: Geoffrey Chateau
Creative Director: Julie Delattre
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Champagne Allouchery Bailly
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Located on the hillsides of the Montagne de Reims, classified as Premier Cru, the Champagne Allouchery-Bailly is a family human-sized estate. For four generations, the family has set as a target the development of its champagnes with all the proper rules. At the head of the estate, Camille Allouchery is part of the new generation of winemakers that modernises the image, sometimes ageing, of winegrowers’ champagnes. Her range, composed of five cuvées (Diapason Brut, Métronome Brut, Mélomane Rosé Brut, Intermède Brut and Chœur de Pinot Brut) concealed however a last gem: a Champagne Ratafia.

The Champagne Allouchery-Bailly asked us to create and develop its Champagne Ratafia packaging. To meet its demand, we had to ensure that this product was perfectly integrated into the brand platform “Champagne Allouchery-Bailly, Les règles de l’art” (“With all the proper rules”). This positioning, which is the true foundation of the brand identity had to be our guideline throughout the project.

On a side note, Séraphin is none other than the name that Camille Allouchery’s grandfather used as a member of the Resistance. To pay tribute to this former FFI resistant member, his granddaughter wished to give this name to her Ratafia, as a nod to the family hero who, as we know, was fond of this liqueur.

What’s Unique?
Although a little known among liqueur lovers, the Champagne Ratafia has been existing for nearly eight centuries. Made from grape must and alcohol, this 100% champagne product is still not sufficiently known by the general public. Yet it is one of the most natural spirits that exist on the market. Fallen into disuse and often hidden to the eyes of the general public, the Champagne Ratafia slowly begins to come back and break into the established market of spirits. Considered for a long time as a “gift” when ordering champagne, this liqueur is on the way to becoming increasingly trendy.