Senses of Greece



Design: Ruto design studio
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Senses of Greece / Marantos George
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Olive oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle/ Paper Box
Printing Process: Screen printing, Flexography, Digital printing

George and his wife had a vision, they wanted to create a company that takes quality products, handpicked with love from their hometown and bring them to the lovers of good and quality food.

Our studio’s task was to recreate an atmosphere lost in time, to bring back to life a nostalgic part of Greece. A part of Greece that you can feel only with your senses, was the exact word they used on the fist meeting we had.

Based on that, we started by building the core identity for the brand, putting the foundations by blending between neoclassical and vintage elements like illustrations & symbols, with contemporary layout & a combination of serif, sans serif and monospace fonts, we try to create a warm identity, that feels comfortable to live in any part and era of greek history of the last century. This way the product can bring a different sense depending on your experience and memories. An other strong asset is the colour selection, bright/sunburned yellow, marine blue and earth tones for the overall identity encapsulates every part of greek countryside, that surely will bring a Mediterranean feeling.

The next part of the trip was to create the extra virgin olive oil product identity, the key product of the brand. On bottle we used the sunburned yellow on the body with the marine blue on the printing, a combination that is warm and fresh, that feels like greek countryside during the summer.

The transportation boxes has been approached with a more contemporary way. By getting the vintage elements of the identity and putting them on use with various ways, like the printings that hugs two sides of the boxes and stickers that adds color and diversity on the layout we manage to blend the multiple characters Senses of Greece is going to show us on the future.

The last part was the visual recreation of the product/project identity. By using 3d modeling and rendering we created strong images, that shows the brand’s nostalgic and warm atmosphere, showcasing the product in the way we and their owners had imagined.