Agency: Studio Boam
Lead Graphic Designer: Alexandre Arzuman
Product designer: Andy Migevant
Graphic designers: Assia Titouah & Clara Marzal
Photography: Alexandre Arzuman
Form font: Maxime Francout
Colus font: Font Fabric
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bacanha
Product Launch Location: France
Packaging Contents: Biologic Syrup
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Wooden Bottle cap
Printing Process: Printing & Bottle making process

Studio Boam have been chosen again to create the new Bacanha bottle and design. Everything has been modified, the logo, label, illustrations, the material (the plastic into glass) and the bottle shape.

This bottle is unique by the design of the label as well as the work on the glass bottle. The label is subdivided into two compartments, like traditional medicinal compositions. There are two levels of reading, a very fine and detailed illustrative part and another which takes the ovoid shape of the label dedicated to informations. Typefaces are ranked using different weights. It’s a total design, deeply linked between graphic design and industrial design.