Design: Clёver Branding
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: X5 Retail Group
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Dog food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography, offset

For those who love to change and change. Clёver Branding and X5 Retail Group take care of Russian pets.

Clёver Branding branding agency branding a new private label DINGO for the PYATEROCHKA chain of stores.

In 2019, X5 Retail Group launched a reconception project for the PYATEROCHKA supermarket chain. The refurbished stores embody the consumer’s vision of what a modern convenience store should be like in order to improve the lives of everyone who lives and works near it. Along with the reorganization and a change in the design of retail space, the network is actively updating its own brands.

Today, private label accounts for about 5% of all sales in the FMCG sector in Russia. At the same time, retail is very actively investing in the development of its own brands – even during the difficult period of the pandemic, investments in the development of private label brands were significantly greater than that of classic FMCG brands. PYATYOROCHKA is also actively developing its own private label, forming a brand portfolio based on the house of brands principle – a large number of independent brands, independent of the main brand. By 2024, Pyaterochka plans to increase the share of private labels in the assortment from the current 13% to 22%. Accordingly, the number of product categories will also increase, within which new own brands will be created.

One of these categories is pet food. The new brand of food for dogs DINGO is an independent brand in the portfolio of its own private label chain “Pyatyorochka”. A thorough study was conducted among buyers of affordable pet food and came to the conclusion that, unlike most FMCG categories, where women dominate as consumers, both women and men over the age of 25 are actively buying food for their pets. … A rational approach is very important for these buyers when choosing a feed: price / quality ratio and brand credibility. For them, a dog is a family favorite, a friend without unnecessary pathos in relation to the breed.

The name DINGO was chosen because Russians associate it with a cheerful, active and healthy dog. A bit of kind emotions add to this brand the memories of the romantic story of first love shown in the movie “Dingo the Wild Dog”. The story based on which this film was filmed is included in the school curriculum and is known not only to the older generation, but also to a fairly young audience.

DINGO is a new brand that has just begun to conquer the hearts of consumers and their pets. In the near future, its promotion through external media channels is not envisaged and it will develop mainly due to work on the shelf. In this regard, it was decided to “work in the category” and create a brand using familiar visuals for the dog food category. The use of blue and other design techniques characteristic of this category allow DINGO packaging to look on the shelf as something already familiar to customers, but at the same time it has an absolutely independent visual language that does not repeat any of the market leaders. Fresh produce against the backdrop of a bright green field emphasizes the sustainability of products, helping consumers who care about the right and healthy nutrition for their beloved pets to make choices.

DINGO dry food for dogs is presented so far in only one SKU – universal food, but over time it is possible to expand the product line within this private label.

Already now DINGO is represented in 15,000 PYATYOROCHKA supermarkets throughout Russia, and sales statistics show that the position of this brand on the common shelf is growing every day.