Le Baulois Hazelnut



Agency: Koncept Design
Designer: Jo Williams
Communication Director: Emilie Bargine
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Marylou, pâtisserie de la plage
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Chocolate fondant cake
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sustainable cardboard

Le Baulois Hazelnut Praliné contains 100% natural ingredients and is made entirely by hand. We wanted to reflect this artisanal feel on our packaging and enhance the naturality and handmade process of the cake, whilst breaking traditional codes of usual bakery packaging.

We have reduced the quantity of packaging material used to the max. The extra finesse and the narrower width of the band has been thoroughly studied to be reduced as much as possible, so that its size and width are just large enough to wrap around and secure the cake, nothing more. In contrast with this, the bands’ pattern makes the cake really pop out on grocery shelves, whilst bringing modernity, dynamism and momentum.

What’s Unique?
The hazelnut praliné pattern has given the product it’s distinctive look, borrowed from street design codes.