“Mmm… Mrammi?”

DS1 branding agency

Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Design: DS1 branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Faretti
Packaging Contents: Cakes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paperboard

The brand has acquired a sonorous name and a recognizable visual identity

The Faretti team turned to DS 1 branding with the task of creating a brand for a new product – a sponge cake without filling from two types of dough. This is not the first joint experience of the two teams: before that, Faretti and DS1 branding had successfully collaborated on a number of projects, so the specifics of the market were well known to the agency.

Faretti is a company with the appearance of which, in fact, a new segment has appeared on the market – long-term sponge cakes. The dessert was so popular with consumers that the housewives began to share their recipes for the «Faretti cake» on cooking sites.

The peculiarity of “Marmi” is that, in fact, it is again a completely different product from the rest – before that, there were no analogues of the Faretti marble cake on the market. The new dessert is located at the junction of several segments – between simple and budget marble cupcakes and relatively expensive cakes. The target audience of the product is girls 25-35 years old who like to treat themselves, but at the same time tend to choose lighter sweets. And a sponge cake without cream perfectly meets these needs.

The agency needed to create a recognizable brand image that, first, would convey the key USP of the product – ease and pleasure without harm to the figure. And secondly, it combined the availability of budget cupcakes and the conviviality of expensive long-term cakes, thus creating a completely new segment in the market.

Taking into account the features of the target audience, when working with the naming DS 1 branding focused on lightness and “girly”. “Mrammi” is a name that perfectly defines the essence of the product – the “marbling” of the cake, while maintaining the Italian positioning of the manufacturer, is easy to pronounce and quickly remembered.

The brand’s design system continues the “girl” theme. DS 1 branding has developed a visual identity for 4 SKU: with flavors of cocoa and vanilla, raspberry and vanilla, lemon and vanilla, ginger and cinnamon. The selected font emphasizes the individuality and naturalness of the product, and the packaging design conveys lightness and airiness.

DS 1 branding has implemented a comprehensive design development of consumer packaging. With the help of the brands “Air dessert”, “No greasy cream”, “Love from the first bite”, the DS 1 branding team covered both the rational and emotional needs of the target audience.

“Creating a concept for Mrammi was especially pleasant, because it was easy to dive into the insights and needs of the target audience – this is an ideal task if you are the core of it. Femininity, lightness – the basics of this design system. We used a font and visual elements that emphasize this concept, but at the same time tried to maintain the conciseness and unity of the design of the entire line. And the bright colors of the packaging emphasize the character of the brand and highlight the “Marble” in a competitive environment” – Alexandra Mezina, Art Director of DS1 branding.