Mozhayskaya Burenka

Derrick Lin


Art direction, Design: Aleksandr Petukhov
Visualisation: Pavel Gubin
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: british higher school of art and design
Tutor: Leonid Slavin
Packaging Contents: Dairy Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Paper, Tetra Pak
Printing Process: Flexography

“Mozhayskaya Burenka” — natural dairy products produced according to traditional recipes in compliance with GOST standards (classifier of state quality standards of the USSR).

For one part, the main objective of the project is to create a visual brand image considering the historical value of the Mozhaysk plant (the Mozhaysk dairy plant is the oldest one) and the traditional recipe for the production of dairy products, for the other hand to represent the quality, price and technological features of the product.

The “Mozhayskaya Burenka” brand positions itself as “modern dairy foods with a history”. Therefore, the original packaging design represents production of the traditional dairy products using modern technologies.

The jobbing font “MBurenka” was drawn especially for the new packaging, combining the sans-serif with “geometric structure” and traditional spelling of the classic Russian fonts.

The special font and identity of the outline itself allowed to display the brand positioning and include the product category in the brand (Mozhayskaya Burenka milk, Mozhayskaya Burenka kefir, Mozhayskaya Burenka yogurt, etc.).

This action facilitates communication without the risk of losing brand identity. Beige color as the main one of the packaging provides the idea of the local character of the production, the individual approach to each product, as well as to be a link to the historical packaging, used before the rebranding.