Москва, Россия

Design: Uniqorn
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Muassel
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Hookah tobacco
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar
Printing Process: Digital printing

Muassel hookah tobacco is made in Russia in Perm. The name Muassel has Arabic roots, and it means “Honey”. The word ” Muassel” is used for naming a wet tobacco mixture for a hookah, soaked in honey syrup and aromatic ingredients.

In other words – what a hookah smoker puts in a bowl is Muassel. Here, just like in old recipes, honey syrup is contained and it gives the hookah tobacco a special softness and does not cause a sore throat. A blend of Virginia tobacco leaves is used in the production, which have a mild taste and a sufficient sense of strength.

The tobacco leaf, peeled from the middle vein, goes through the process of high-temperature cooking with honey syrup, as a result of which the pores of the tobacco open. After this treatment, the tobacco becomes soft and rich in bright flavors.

Nowadays, the market of hookah tobacco in Russia shows strong growth. And this is along with a decrease in the level of consumption of traditional tobacco products-cigarettes. Cigars also have not been widely spread, remaining in the premium niche and are considered more as an exquisite gift than as a product for regular consumption. Indirect competition is provided by smokeless electronic tobacco heating systems, but only indirectly, since they mean everyday consumption. Hookahs in opposite are an element of recreation for a limited audience.

The hookah tobacco market is regularly updated with new brands of varying degrees of quality, strength and composition. In terms of flavors it is a history similar to the craft beer market. Product lovers develop their own brands and experiment with passion. There are regular exhibitions and even video blogs dedicated exclusively to hookah tobacco. The target audience of this product is a kind of society.

In the design of the packaging and in the overall positioning of hookah tobacco, the “youth-hooligan” direction prevails in the tone of visual and verbal dialogue with its consumer, which is characteristic of a craft product. It is justified, since the product itself has already formed its own” folksy ” subculture. Otherwise there are traditional and well-worn Arabic motifs.

In the design of Muassel hookah tobacco packaging we decided to move away from the competitors and emphasize the “English tradition” and “pharmacy” recipe, which is unusual for this product. Well, and why not? Exclusive author’s products are characterized by the courage to enter other’s playgrounds.

Imagine an English officer of the Victorian Era, a gentleman who returned from a “business trip” to the Middle East and opened a shop in London for oriental rarities, including hookah mixes.

The design of the brand’s logo is executed as a hand lettering inscription. “Pharmacy” frames reinforce the described character. And taste navigation is done through color differentiation on the packaging.