Red Alarm Japanese beer

Derrick Lin


Design: Natalia Radnaeva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE Art & Design School
Tutor: Leonid Slavin
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

The main task was to create a lion image and after that use it in a packaging design. Thus, I was thinking about a concept where I can use an illustration with typography. Looking for inspiration I have remembered a talented Japanese graphic designer.

And the idea of a brand became from famous designer Kazumasa Nagai, who is known both as a modernist and a japаnese traditionalist. His poster, which is dedicated to Ueno Zoo inspired me to make an illustration. I was astonished by its form. Because we can know it is a lion even without a full face, only eyes and main from. And red sharp mane gave me a thought about something urgent, like drinking a beer is such an emergency situation from one point. Then I had to think about how to make a differentiation between one brand.

I decided to concentrate on eyes as it tends to be the first indicator of getting drunk. I also put lion’s eyes on the top of the beer in order to help people in the market find this product. Beer’s product line is differentiated by various degrees of getting drunk with diverse lion’s eyes. Such a spontaneous atmosphere is also presented in typography.

There is a combination of bold, regular, and italic typefaces that helps to understand the tone of voice. Visual language let me use type as an instrument to demonstrate the diverse taste of beer. Words can be applied to each other. While making the visual part of the packaging I needed to find a name, which would perfectly fit into graphics.

‘Red Alarm’ gave me anxiety feelings, a moment when of realizing to buy some beer, some event that has brought a person to the store. Regarding the audience, it is purposed to focus on younger people, who appreciate being drunk and become as red as that lion illustration. I find this packaging design not only extremely fresh but also a tribute to a super talented Japanese graphic designer. I wish more projects were inspired by other cultures as it makes sense to look for another point of view. As a result, we observe vivid packaging, which can absolutely support any excited mood.