Shoro Paper Cups

Alexey Lysogorov

Design: Alexey Lysogorov
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Shoro Company
Product Launch Location: Kyrgyzstan
Packaging Contents: Сold drinks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper cup
Printing Process: Flexography

The Shoro company is a producer of national Kyrgyz drinks. “Maxym”, “Shoro”, “Chalap”, “Aralash” are original and unique drinks in the Kyrgyz Republic. One of the top sales for brand is the retail sale of drinks on the streets. Usually these are just branded plastic cups with the company logo. Selling drinks in cups covers a huge number of buyers, especially in summer, when it is hot. The inexpensive segment of the product allows you to reach large segments of the population, plus the new audience is not afraid to try drinks due to the modest cost of one cup.

An important audience in the summer for the brand is tourists who visit the Asian country during the warmer periods of the year. The company decided to dedicate the design of retail cups and branded products to the country’s national characteristics. The idea is to acquaint the guests of the country with the main features through their national drinks. The tourist and natural values of the country were determined: nature and mountains. Of course the fauna: golden eagles, argali, horses. They are also yurts, ethno-dwelling of the Kyrgyz. And, of course, this mountain lake Issyk-Kul is a unique visiting card of the country.

A graphic geometric pattern has been created, in which all the values ​​specified by the customer are easily recognizable. In addition, national ornamental motives have become an important part, which have become part of the graphic design elements.

During the period of sales of drinks through cups, the online activity of the audience has sharply increased. These are photos with products and cups on social media. The result was a very warm attitude of the local audience towards the brand as promoting the main values ​​of the country. It is also the interest of a foreign tourist audience in the country. The further life of the cups was also a surprise: many people use them after drinking.

Many called “Shoro” the brand of the country, associating the beverage producing company with nature and naturalness, with summer, and vivid emotions from travel.

The brand has of course also ditched plastic in favor of paper cups.

What’s Unique?
The brand introduces national characteristics to the guests of the country through their drinks. The visiting card of the country in one compact design, the entire national taste in one sip of the drink.