Derrick Lin


Design: Osvaldo Sine
Location: Dominican Republic
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Zoothe is a new supplement that promotes sleep and helps relieve stress. It contains different versions and each has a different effect on the person, but keeping in mind the same objective which is to relax. The mission was to design an identity that is daring for a market where it coexists. A brand aimed at a modern public.

The name comes from the word soothe that is synonymous with relieving and relaxing, only that we remove the S from it and replace it with a Z to connect it with the world of sleep (Zzz…).

“I want something simple, unique and abstract that accompanies the name” there we decided to create an icon that by its nature is abstract but that is related to the world of medicine and supplements (+).

The label design is the same for each flavor of the same product. We wanted it to stay that way so that each product had one for each other.

Their simplicity is something that within their competitive sector will make them stand out on their own. The chosen fonts (Radio and Space) give a modern and current air as well as facilitate the reading of small data such as supplement facts.