Danone Fjørd Yoghurt


Agency: Everland
Senior Designer: Jin Fujiwara
Client Manager: Nana Hugo Schack
Creative Director & Partner: Carl Johan Larsson
Location: Denmark
Project Type: Produced
Client: Danone France
Product Launch Location: France
Packaging Contents: Dairy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

The French know a thing or two about the good things in life. They are famous for their wine, fashion, food, and cars. Even their language is famous. So, imagine our excitement when Danone called us up and wanted us to redesign their Fjørd yoghurt brand, including their latest skyr-inspired version.

Rooted in Scandinavia, EVERLAND had no problem tapping into the vibe. Yoghurt is an essential part of every Scandinavian breakfast, and skyr has been around since forever. So, it came as no surprise that our Nordic heritage became the inspiration for the look and feel of this new range. However, to make it authentic and modern, EVERLAND also tapped into the Scandinavian work/life balance, our morning ritual of ‘hygge’, and simply trying ‘to take it slow’. Combined with the exquisite French taste for quality, the new assortments of Fjørd yoghurts are destined to become a permanent part of a classic French breakfast table.

With love from the North, Bon Appetite!

  1. well, the flowers around the “fleur de sureau” packaging are definitely not sureau flowers. Confusing! But more: the former “plain” fjord was usually sbtitled as “frais et doux”. Nice descriptiveline. Now it calls itself “näture”. what about that totally unfrench trema?? was that suggested by Danone or by the packaging designer. It has been adopted!


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