Design: Tijana Dimcevska
Location: Macedonia
Project Type: Fictive brand package design proposal
Packaging Contents: Moisturising cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar + box
Printing Process: Laser printing

This is a package design proposal for a fictive cosmetic brand that I really loved working on. I get really bored when I see all the “cold” and basic package designs for this kind of product especially, so I decided to create my own. The name of the product is MyCream which will bring us closer to the customers and also persuade them that our product is the gate to liberation. As the package says, will be your favorite moisturizing cream you’ll ever try.

What’s Unique?
Something really special about this product is that is meant to be handmade, that’s why it’s really important that customers understand the love and devotion we will offer with our product. Also, on the top of the glass jar, you can see the logo with a bulging effect, shiny and smooth. You can touch and feel it, so you can connect to the product more and more every day. The box comes with a special message that says “You look beautiful anyway”, which means that every woman looks beautiful in a unique way even without makeup.