Akele Akele Banana Chips

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Design: Aalisha Kanani, Ekansha Lalwani & Vaishnavi Karanjkar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: ISDI Mumbai
Tutor: Utkarsha Malkar
Packaging Contents: Banana Chips
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sustainable Cardboard, Biodegradable Plastic

Banana chips are one of the most popular snacks in households across the map. A speculative and sustainable design for this particular item under the banner of Haldiram was conceived and inspired by the phrase “Akele Akele” which in Hindi means “on your own” (and “kele” means bananas)! The joy of sharing something as appetising as banana chips is made more enjoyable and easy with our twist-and-turn mechanism that allows the consumer to split the packaging into two equal individual parts, ready to eat. The act of sharing has never been more hassle-free, and akele akele you can eat together!

What’s Unique?
The packaging allows for a simple way to divide and share a delectable snack with our twist-and-turn mechanism!