Body Shop products – student concept

Derrick Lin


Design: Shalini Chandak , Shrushti Gala
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Indian School of Design and Innovation
Tutor: Utkarsha Malkar
Packaging Contents: Body lotion and moisturizers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Silicon, Bamboo and paper board

GOAL: To Re-design Body shop lotion and cream products that are sustainable and consumer-friendly.

More than 120 billion units of packaging waste are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. Cosmetic packaging is primarily made of single-use plastics that are extremely challenging and troublesome to recycle due to their inflexibility. They are unsustainable in nature. Moreover, multi-layered packaging is used to make products look more ‘premium’, leading to excess waste. In addition to that, the existing pump bottles and tubes for body lotions lead to 30% of product wastage because the existing shape of the product does not allow the consumers to use the product completely. This leads to consumers resorting to different sorts of measures like cutting the bottles and tubes.

To solve these current packaging problems we have altered the shape of the traditional pump bottle and tubes used for lotions to reduce product wastage. To make it sustainable, the bottle is made using silicone and bamboo which are recyclable and biodegradable in nature. The minimal outer packaging is made out of 250gsm paper board.

DESIGN: The project includes 2 different design variations of the same products.

Design 1: The different floral patterns on the outer packaging are a reflection of the natural high-quality ingredients used within each bottle of the product.

Design 2: The designs on the labels are inspired by the luscious and liquidy nature of the product with different colours that indicate the flavour of the product.

What’s Unique?
The shape of the body is inspired by the conical shape of a (henna) Mehendi cone which easily helps with the flow of lotions and other beauty products. Using this shape for the bottle reduces the product wastage by 10-15 % as it has a smaller opening. Using silicone for the body of the bottle helps to squeeze the bottle and remove the product easily. Also, it further reduces product wastage as the product glides off easily without sticking to the bottle.