Agency: Pearlfisher
Strategic Creative Director: Jesper von Wieding
Managing Director: David Ramskov Hansen
Design Director: Louise Hvenegaard Petersen
3D Designer: Michell Berthou
Designer, Louise Mikkelsen
Designer: Karina Amonkar
Client Director, Emilie Aagreen
Illustrator: Frans Theis Jensen
Packaging Content: Dietary supplements

Pearlfisher creates a premium wellness brand that champions balance from within: Botanistry

Pearlfisher is blending heritage and nature into our everyday lives, to champion balance from within, with the creation of premium wellness brand, Botanistry. The innovative initial range of dietary supplements includes 4 herb, spice and superfood blends – Glowing Greens, Active Corals, Digestive Jades and Boosting Ambers – which can be used for soups, smoothies, cereals etc. Botanistry is rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda and Sri Lankan heritage of cousins and Co-Founders, Rashmini and Rukshan Mather, who are bringing to life a brand that harmoniously balances function and flavour, body and mind, as part of an all-natural lifestyle.

Collaborating together from the very start in a new brand partnership, David Ramskov, Managing Director at Pearlfisher, said, “We wanted to break through the noise and clutter that is very evident in the wellness category to create an authentic brand for every lifestyle that supports peoples’ emotional and physical wellbeing in a way that is truly balanced and holistic. The name and the creative approach draw on the central idea of a botanist’s notebook, and the deep respect for nature, combined with Rashmini and Rukshan’s personal ethos of care and family. This informed the creation of our new brand positioning and tagline, ‘a blend of heritage and nature’, expressing this in a calming and modern design with an intrinsic sense of balance, duality and versatility.”

Louise Hvenegaard, Pearlfisher Design Director, commenting on the specifics of the new branding and design, said, “Every little detail of the identity and design has a deeper meaning and speaks to the duality at the heart of the brand. For the brand mark, the ‘B’ of Botanistry becomes a stand-alone symbol of quality – promoting the values of ‘bearing’, ‘being’, ‘balance’ – with the five intertwining leaves representing the five natural ingredients to be found in each blend. We have crafted Garamond BE and Gotham for the product descriptors to signify that the brand is, at once, rooted in tradition and yet functional and modern. The canister colours, and two-tone botanical illustrations, create a beautifully sensorial effect in their depiction of the natural properties, flavour and experience of each blend, and this is combined with the benefit to create unique and emotive names, such as ‘Boosting Ambers’ and ‘Glowing Greens’.”

Botanistry Co-Founder, Rashmini Mather, said, “Every element of the brand and design subtly, but alluringly, speaks to how we combine function and flavour for body and mind that doesn’t just reflect on the individual, but instils a new sense of calm within the wellness space. We are excited about launching Botanistry and, with Pearlfisher, developing how the brand will continue to evolve to support people in their personal wellness journeys.”