Eid Mubarak Festival

Nero Atelier

Agency: Nero Atelier
Creative Director: Yohanes Raymond
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Nero Atelier
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Cookies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing & Foil Stamping

It has become a tradition for Muslims in Indonesia to give gift hampers to colleagues and family. We also participating in Eid Mubarak’s celebration in a packaging design that carries a contemporary design concept & elegant.

Beautiful & contemporary packaging designs for the Eid Al-Fitr Festival and inspired by “ketupat” that symbolize blessings & forgiveness

Indonesia has very diverse cultures and traditions. The majority of Indonesians are Muslims; therefore, Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Cultures are strongly associated with religion; one of them is the Indonesian tradition of eating ketupat during Eid Al-Fitr.

Ketupat is a dish made from rice and is wrapped in young coconut leaves woven in a diamond shape. Ketupat was first introduced by an Indonesian theologian named Sunan Kalijaga who was an important figure for Muslims in Java.

What’s Unique?
Inspired by the formation of the texture & pattern from the “ketupat” which became the forerunner of the design pattern used in the Hampers Eid Mubarak 2021 packaging. Carrying out vibrant and dynamic colors certainly adds to this work to be unique, captivating and attractive.

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