Food for Art

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Design: Isha Gharpuray
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design

This project stemmed from when all I could see on my Instagram feed were sketchbook spread hashtags. I thought if it’s a spread, the best thing to do is bottle it up. The idea is to disguise art/ art supplies as packaged food. Thus came about three unique products that offer up and coming artists and craft enthusiasts alike, some much needed fuel along with some punny humour. What protein does for athletes, Sir Kensington’s does for creatives.

Like Cheese Spread, the Sketchbook Spread comes in a jar and promises to fill sketchbooks with wonderful illustrations. It adapts to different artists’ different styles but it also encourages people to doodle however & whatever they want.

Water colour cakes are what we first played around with as children. They were more fun & attractive than water colour tubes. Similarly, Rainbow Cakes are all the rage these days. So it only made sense to use wordplay to our advantage and give water colours a makeover that comes with seven exciting colours.

Another item of food that shares its name with an item of craft supplies- Crêpes & Crêpe Paper. We are all familiar with Cake mixes, Crêpe mixes, Dosa mixes and so on. I saw an opportunity to create a mix that made crêpe paper in bulk. The target audience being parents organizing birthday parties.