Snack Quest

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Agency: Artisticodopeo Designz
Brand Strategist: Justin Ancheta
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Client: Ashapura Agrocomm Private Limited.
Packaging Contents: Flavored and Natural Dry fruits, seeds, trail mixes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexo Printing

The intention of the project was to conceptualise, design and develop the brand visual identity and packaging variant concepts for Snack Quest. A brand* of flavored nuts, seeds and trail mixes that’s promoted as an easy, fun, snack for millennials, young working professionals, mom & kids in the competitive indian FMCG market.

And so the Quest begins.

Aptly named by the Brand’s Co-Founder and Brand Strategist, Justin Ancheta, Snack Quest represents freedom, adventure, ambition with moments of spontaneity and humor.

Sounds like an ideal life scenario, doesn’t it? … with snacks ofcourse?

In the course of visual design research of competitive dry fruit brands both nationally and internationally, we decided to go away from standard design styles or lack of design prevalent in the business of packaged dry fruits.

It’s a quest, folks.

Why can we not free dry fruit designs from the photographic confines of traditional bowls or table settings and brand logos that only reminded one of the olden days of richness and elegance. Why not look at a different direction where dry fruits can be a fun, trendy, snack that also serves its natural intended purpose of being healthy too?

A healthy design quest?

The search took me into the land of superhero comics and sports clubs. Two distinct fields but with a common quest. To go on a journey, to become the best version of themselves and change lives. With Snack Quest, we don’t preach one to change your complete lifestyle and eat and drink healthy overnight, but to start with small decisions daily.

Inspired from the visual brand design styles of superhero comics and sports clubs, the logo is bold and dynamic. The customised typography/font style represents a flying flag when taken on a journey while its upward curve suggests growth, movement and energy.

A thoughtful quest.

The Icon placed within the white space of the Letter Q, is a customised version of a traveller’s compass. It signifies one’s constant companion on any quest, be it personal or professional by providing one with a sense of focused direction no matter how difficult or lost they may be on their journey.

The Arrow points upwards and forward in the direction of the typography showcasing growth and a sense of purpose. It also visually points at the word, SNACK – thereby subtly reinforcing the intent of the quest or the brand.

The quest for colors.

The bright color yellow for SNACK for brand visibility as well as its connection with the Sun. Any quest is always meant to start at a new Dawn or a new Day – be it metaphorically or in reality. The same color is also used within the Compass as a visual connect with the name, SNACK. This color can be modified depending on the quest one is on – in our branding case it can represent flavors or emotions.

The white color in QUEST symbolises starting the journey fresh with an empty slate as every quest teaches something new only if you are open to receiving it. Black borders respresent Strength, Power and Authority. A visual representation of being a strong competitive brand. Together it holds the color within the compass as an abstract way of saying – its strong for whatever quest one chooses to take.

In our case, our consumer’s health.

Color gives energy and I too, am all about color! The highlight of each pack are the use of vibrant colors which visually represent the flavors of each pack. Shades of the same color were selected for packs that had the same flavors but different core ingredients. For. eg. Blues for Roasted Salted Almonds, Cashew, Pistachios etc. This helps to differentiate not just flavors but also help the brand stand out amongst the competition and definitely helps in brand recall for the sales team!

And here my design quest abruptly ends albeit with a twist and a new Quest.

* Snack Quest was a branding project commissioned by Ashapura Agrocomm Private Limited as part of their plan to diversify into the retail snack segment in India. The package designs showcased here are mockup concepts created to show the placement of approved Snack Quest brand logo design only. In the course of brand strategy and trademark research, it was decided to change directions and led to the birth of the exciting brand, Bazana! Healthy Roasted Snacks.

What’s Unique?
What would have been unique was the style of showcasing the ingredients and the bright color palette which isn’t very common for a dry fruit snack brand in the Indian FMCG Market. This was an insight that helped us during the development of the new brand, Bazana!