Design: Szani Mészáros
Paper Set Design: Dóri Novotny
Photography: Kevin Harald Campean
Location: Hungary
Project Type: Produced
Client: Viblance
Product Launch Location: Hungary
Packaging Contents: Granola, muesli, porridge
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Viblance makes plant-based, gluten-free breakfasts with real ingredients meant to nourish your body. Their mission is to help people discover that tasty can be nutritious and that good food makes us both happy and healthy. Their products have natural flavours without aromas, sugars or anything artificial.

In search of a new package design as tasty as their food, Viblance contacted me. We agreed that their logo needs a small redesign first, because it didn’t reflect their name’s purpose (vitality and balance). Finding the new package was a longer journey, starting from minimal shapes, arriving to a very detailed, colorful and ‘living’ design. I imagined an enchanted forest where everything grows huge, the fruits, seeds and even the flowers. I drew wandering characters exploring, looking around and tasting the ingredients of each different flavour. There are three categories (granola, muesli and porridge), I distinguished them by using different surroundings, colours and character sizes.

What’s Unique?
On each box the characters and their surroundings are drawn by hand, so every one of them is unique. As for the photography I asked my friend, Dóri Novotny to make a paper cut set design, which reflects on the packages and also nicely highlight them.